The following candidates have been selected through the preliminary phase of the selection process and will appear on the student ballot on Tuesday, Oct. 10 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Additional candidate information will be updated as made available.

Sydney Clements

sydney clements headshot

Major: Chemistry

Classification: Junior

Hometown:  Greenwood, Indiana

Statement of Intent

“My intention for seeking candidacy for UA Homecoming Queen 2023 is to proudly represent the University of Alabama and the Capstone Creed, exhibit the spirit of Homecoming, serve as a role model for future generations of women, and bring awareness to philanthropic endeavors that are close to my heart. I would love the opportunity to serve as Homecoming Queen to be a role model for all of the younger students and girls that will be at Homecoming Weekend and whom we will see in the community throughout the year—to show them that you can work hard to achieve any goal that you can dream of while being an involved student and active member of the local community. Furthermore, the opportunity to give back to the community through appearances and service is the responsibility of Homecoming Queen that lasts beyond Homecoming Weekend and underlies the most important values of the Capstone to me. I would be honored to represent this place which I have been blessed to call home for the past three years by serving as the 2023 University of Alabama Homecoming Queen.”

Candidate Financial Update (Last Updated: 10/09/2023)

Submitted Proposed Financial Plan?  YES

Receipt 1– $30.01 (Dominos- Campaign Kick-Off Pizza)            Receipt 6– $2.85 (Scissors)

Receipt 2– $35.07 (Amazon- Mic for Recording)                         Receipt 7– $52.88 (Markers)

Receipt 3– $7.72 (Target- Campaign Kick-Off Snacks)                Receipt 8– $25.00 (Crimson Copies)

Receipt 4– $6.29 (Ice)                                                                       Receipt 9– $5.98 (Paper Towels)

Receipt 5–  $6.97 (Canva Pro)                                                         Receipt 10– $17.22 (Popcicles)

Remaining Campaign Balance:  $310.01

Campaign Violations:  None Assessed

Fatema Dhondia

fatema dhondia headshot

Major: Mechanical Engineering & German

Classification: Senior

Hometown:  Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Statement of Intent

“In 2015, my family moved from Delft, the Netherlands to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I spent much of my high school years volunteering around the city and connecting with the surrounding communities. Though Tuscaloosa, Alabama has technically been my home for four years, when I joined the University of Alabama in 2019, when asked where I was from, my answer would always be “it’s complicated”. It was: I’ve been considered an international student at the University for more than half of my time here, and though I connected with the international students well, I never quite fit in with the students who were born and raised in Alabama. I quickly realized that it truly didn’t matter if you were in-state, out-of-state, an international student, or somewhere in between like I am. Growing up in a different country gave me a unique understanding and appreciation of various cultures. On campus, we truly are the mixing pot. My goal is to highlight these cultures and create more opportunities to learn how students can connect with the different communities outside of Tuscaloosa that make the Capstone so unique.”

Candidate Financial Update (Last Updated: 10/09/2023)

Submitted Proposed Financial Plan?  YES

Receipt 1– $17.27 (Amazon- Paint Pens)

Receipt 2– $120.00 (Sitar $ Donation)* Updated

Receipt 3– $46.17 (Krispy Kreme)

Receipt 4– $145.88 (2.25 Round Buttons)

Remaining Campaign Balance:  $170.68

Campaign Violations:  None Assessed

Mae Farmer

mae farmer headshot

Major: Accounting & Psychology

Minor: Criminal Justice

Classification: Senior

Hometown:  Fishers, Indiana

Statement of Intent

“Make an impact. When I arrived in Tuscaloosa, I knew I wanted to do big things. By immediately joining many organizations, I quickly saw how the UA community could foster personal growth while allowing me to give back. Particularly, I advocate for mental health awareness across campus in many capacities. Thus, when the opportunity to run for UA Homecoming Queen arose, I knew this would be an excellent platform to continue my work. If given the chance to serve my campus, I would continue to promote mental health services and organizations in our community. I have worked with the Counseling Center and Tide Against Suicide over the past three years, so I intend to specifically continue uplifting these efforts. Ultimately, I hope to further create a campus environment where all people feel they MATTER and know they are supported as they go on to accomplish amazing things. I have already been able to do this through my involvement across campus, and I know this title would allow me to make even more genuine connections. I hope the work I have done, and will do, will last far beyond my time at the Capstone. Being Homecoming Queen is one way I can ensure my legacy of mental health awareness will endure.”

Candidate Financial Update (Last Updated: 10/09/2023)

Submitted Proposed Financial Plan?  YES

Receipt 1– $248.30 (3 inch Campaign Buttons).            Receipt 6–  $3.00 (White Baskets)

Receipt 2– $22.24 (Target- Paint Markers).                    Receipt 7–  $34.84 (Michaels Paint Markers)

Receipt 3– $21.59 (Amazon- Mental Health Ribbons)  Receipt 8–  $34.27 (Buttons Rush Ship)

Receipt 4– $28.05 (CC 24 X 24 Circle Logo Signs).         Receipt 9– $2.73 (Large Box)

Receipt 5– $18.08 (Walmart- Cardstock Paper)

Remaining Campaign Balance:  $86.90

Campaign Violations:  None Assessed

Chloe Holladay

chloe holladay headshot

Major: Nursing

Classification: Senior

Hometown:  Hartselle, Alabama

Statement of Intent

“Throughout my years at UA, I have gained an enormous amount of respect and gratitude for my roles on campus because of the integrity, strong foundation, and traditions the university upholds. In the course of my college career at UA, my involvement with Alabama Crimsonette, clubs, organizations, and many volunteer services has allowed me the ability to connect and create a meaningful community with incredible leaders and inspiring mentors throughout campus and the Tuscaloosa community. With my leadership and service, I have been able to work alongside diverse teams and gain unique perspectives which are vital in creating and collaborating for purposeful understanding. The outstanding academic opportunities that the university provides have piqued my curiosity, sparked my passion for knowledge, and instilled a drive within me to continually grow in my intellectual pursuits and endeavors. Serving as The UA Homecoming Queen, I would demonstrate Service, Leadership, Scholarship, and Character and maximize every effort I make to fulfill these four pillars. The University of Alabama truly is “Where Legends are Made” and I will strive for greatness in all that I do to proudly represent and serve the university as Homecoming Queen.”

Candidate Financial Update (Last Updated: 10/09/2023)

Submitted Proposed Financial Plan?  YES

Campaign Receipt Packet

Receipt 1– $50.00 (MKC Photography Pictures)    Receipt 9– $10.00 (Ice Cream Truck)

Receipt 2– $15.00 (Cornhole Board Rental)           Receipt 10– $66.00 (TuscaBlue)

Receipt 3– $5.00 (Speaker Rental)                           Receipt 11–  $10.00 (Shots by Sidney)

Receipt 4– $19.80 (RSV Designs)                              Receipt 12– $25.00 (SweetHoney-Buttons/Shirt)

Receipt 5– $42.35  (Window Markers)                    Receipt 13– $23.49 (Red Balloons/Dixie Paper)

Receipt 6– $15.00 (Packaged Cookies)                   Receipt 14–  $46.17 (Krispy Kreme)

Receipt 7– $6.18 (Marshmallows)                           Receipt 15–  $3.00 (Marshmallow Sticks)

Receipt 8– $45.00 (Balloon Arch)

Remaining Campaign Balance:  $73.01

Campaign Violations:

  • Failure to Accurately Report In-Kind Donations/Discounts (6pts.)
  • A Student Org or Group primarily made up of students endorsed the candidate on social media, but did not use the disclaimer (1pt.)
  • Candidate accepted an unsolicited donation/discount, but did not disclose at the undiscounted amount (2pts.)

Rachel Seale

rachel seale headshot

Major: News Media

Minor: English

Classification: Senior

Hometown:  Northport, Alabama

Statement of Intent

“I have grown up in Tuscaloosa, so I have always considered The Capstone my home. I grew up tailgating, attending football games, and watching the UA homecoming parade. I have always admired the homecoming queen as she rides through the parade and waves to the crowd. I have always wondered what it would feel like to be on UA’s homecoming court and be a voice for my fellow students. I love everything about this university, including my professors, football, and student organizations. As a candidate for homecoming queen, I would continue to strive to follow the Capstone Creed to help students find their love for the place I have always called home. I would do this by focusing on the four pillars the homecoming queen must represent, but most importantly I would “continue to strive for excellence in all I do.” Whether it be serving my UA and Tuscaloosa community, enacting change through my philanthropic cause, or listening to student concerns, I would strive to uphold the level of excellence a University of Alabama student should exhibit, especially in a role so esteemed as homecoming queen. I am forever thankful to be a part of the Alabama Nation and attend the only university “Where Legends Are Made”.”

Candidate Financial Update (Last Updated: 10/09/2023)

Submitted Proposed Financial Plan?  YES

Receipt 1– $129.58 (Button Maker & Supplies- Amazon).  Receipt 4– $92.34 (Krispy Kreme)

Receipt 2– $10.98 (Hobby Lobby- Paint Markers).               Receipt 5– $22.98 (Car Chalk/Candy)

Receipt 3– $32.39 (Button Maker Attachment).

Remaining Campaign Balance: $211.73

Campaign Violations:  None Assessed