The UA Homecoming Experience is made up of a variety of activities and events. There are distinct roles and groups that govern the various activities of UA Homecoming. This chart below provides a detailed look:

organizational chart for homecoming (text-based version below)

  1. UA Homecoming – Dr. Steven Hood, VP for Student Life
    1. UA Homecoming Steering and Advisory Committee – Dr. Rosalind Moore-Miller, AVP for Student Engagement (Chair)
      1. Elections Review and Dispute Panel – Seven Member Team
      2. Interview Panel – Five Member Team
      3. UA Student Homecoming Board – Mary Kate Grossmann (25 Members)
        1. Homecoming Signature Events – Pep Rally/Bonfire, Parade, Kick-Off, Day of Service
        2. The Red Book & Homecoming Competitive Events – Choreo, Athletics, Step Show, Lawn Decoration