Participant Waivers

This year’s participant waiver is an online process designed to streamline our collection of each mandatory waiver for individuals participating in various homecoming events.  It will also allow an individual to submit one waiver, though potentially involved in more than one event.  This is an individual waiver, which means that each person should submit their own form.  This form will not collect group submissions.  Each individual must comply with terms on their own.  Participation is defined as anyone assisting, managing, coaching, choreographing, dancing, playing, competing, pomping (rolling, gluing, etc included), or actively engaged in a Homecoming event. This waiver will provide awareness of the following items and will ask each participant to acknowledge the following:

  1. Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnification
  2. Acknowledgement of the Homecoming Alcohol Policy
  3. Confirm awareness and knowledge of the contents of The Red Book, which contains official rules and guidelines for each event the individual may participate in, as well as the process for reporting violations or issues throughout the week.
Deadline:  For individuals participating in Lawn Decoration or Choreography, which can begin official activities on Sunday, October 1st, those waivers should be in by Sunday, Oct. 1st at 11:59 PM.  All other participants should submit no later than Friday, Oct. 6th at 11:59 PM.
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Infraction or Incident of Concern Reporting

This section outlines the online infraction submission process.  In order for an infraction or incident of concern to be investigated, concrete proof must be submitted. Photos or some other form of support of your claim are required as proof. Submissions that are found to have been fabricated will be penalized and could result in disqualification of your team.  Additionally, homecoming is about celebration, fun, and always upholding the Capstone Creed.  Any incident that is not becoming of the spirit of Homecoming can also be reported. These items may help us make improvements to the experience for the future.  Though names are collected, no identifying information will be divulged to reported parties, unless a special circumstance exists or permission is granted by the submitter.

The status of reported infractions or issues of concern will be posted via a private Google Doc by no later than midnight each night. Homecoming representatives from each organization will have access to view the Google Doc. Once infractions for the day are released, there will be no rebuttals from either the reporting organization/individual or the charged organization. Any questions regarding this document should be sent to Director of Rules & Regulations at and should also copy Mary Kate Grossmann at
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