The UA Homecoming Queen is a symbolic representation of the goals and spirit of UA Homecoming festivities. As such, it is important that the individual representing The University of Alabama during this time-honored tradition uphold the values of service, leadership, scholarship and character, which are important tenets derived from The Capstone Creed, an important value of our UA community. These ideals will be the core pillars of Homecoming Queen and will guide each part of the selections process. The selected individual will also align themselves with a philanthropic effort to represent as a part of their term.

Pillars of Homecoming Queen

  • Service – “Civic Responsibility”
  • Leadership – “Fairness, Respect, Integrity”
  • Scholarship – “Pursuing Knowledge”
  • Character – “Equity and Inclusion”

General Requirements

The following are the eligibility requirements for Homecoming Queen candidacy:

  • UA undergraduate or graduate student
  • Must be a full-time student with at least 60 total earned credit hours (60 credit-hour minimum is for undergraduates)
  • Must have at least a cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • There is no application fee

Selections Process

The goal of the selections process is to select a Homecoming Queen who represents the values of this institution through a unified voice of the students, faculty, staff and alumni that make up this community. Our Homecoming Queen should exemplify the ideals of service, leadership, scholarship and character which are the moral foundations of our great University and the accompanying Pillars of Homecoming Queen.

This process places emphasis on student voice by incorporating students in every step of the selections process in the preliminary round, elections and disputes. The selection will consist of three parts for each applicant:

  1. Candidate Essays – a series of four essay responses (500 words or less) which will be scored by a selected panel of five faculty with a prescribed rubric (see rubric)
  2. Candidate Interview – to be conducted by representatives from a panel derived from the Homecoming Steering & Advisory Committee and scored with a prescribed rubric (approximately a 15-minute interview)
  3. General Election – the top five candidates from the combined essay and interview score will be included on the ballot for a general student body election

If at the conclusion of the application submission period, there are 5 or fewer applicants, all applicants who are verified as meeting the general requirements for application will be moved forward to the general election, eliminating the essay scoring and interview round.


The top total combined raw scores of 100 points from each preliminary round will advance to the general election and the official five-person UA Homecoming Court. In the event of a tie at the preliminary round scoring, the individuals with the top five scores will still advance and individuals who tied will advance (up to five). In the event of a process where there are more than five top scorers, all candidates will be invited to campaign, and court will be announced at the conclusion of the election. The Queen will be announced at the Homecoming Pep Rally & Bonfire.

Scoring Format

Final Grading to determine top five candidacy is as follows:

Combined Essay Score

Score 1 + Score 2 + Score 3 + Score 4 + Score 5 = Total out of 100

Combined Interview Score

Score 1 + Score 2+ Score 3 + Score 4 + Score 5 = Total out of 100

Final Score

Essay Total (100 max) + Interview Total (100 max) = Final (out of 200)

Process Details

Learn more about each step in the process.