After the application and interview process is completed, five Homecoming Queen candidates will be selected based on their performance across the application process. These candidates will then have two weeks before the election to order campaign material and plan a campus-wide campaign. Their statement of intent and a photo will be published on the Homecoming website.


Campaigning is defined as, but not limited to, any written statement, speaking engagement, display or active distribution of any campaign material and/or activity that is intended to encourage voting for an individual candidate or group of candidates. The candidate is responsible for communicating campaign guidelines to their campaign team and groups where they have active membership. Should any person, including faculty and staff, campaigning for a particular candidate be found in any violation of any guideline, the candidate will be held responsible. Campaigning does not include reporting by media outlets on any candidate.

Campaigning on Campus

  • Campaigns must be considerate of academic classes and other activities taking place on campus.
  • No campaigning shall be allowed inside any University building or within twenty-five (25) feet of any entrance to a University building.
    • Specifically exempt are candidate organizational meetings and meetings of registered student organizations and the UA Student Center and Plaza. This also includes all UA Student Center awnings.
  • Posting of campaign signs and/or posters in residence halls, classrooms, and writing on chalkboards/whiteboards or similar devices is strictly forbidden.
  • Faculty/staff members posting campaign materials at any time on behalf of a candidate in the classroom/building or at a meeting or via email is strictly forbidden.
  • Top 5 may utilize existing GUP approved campaign stop locations provided by organizers or must secure their own GUP for alternate times/locations.
  • UA Housing and Residential Communities staff reserve the right to stop inappropriate campaigning in their respective halls.  Contacts for speaking engagements must be made through the appropriate Area Coordinator. Guest speakers may only speak with invite in the living areas of residence halls.

Campaigning Off Campus

Posting of banners must follow Tuscaloosa city ordinances for political signage. Candidates are cautioned about campaigning off campus due to potential violations of city and county laws. Violation of solicitation policies of apartment complexes, condominiums, businesses, etc. could result in prosecution.

Social and Electronic Media

  • Only free social media platforms are allowed.
  • The use of sponsored or boosted posts on any free social media platform is strictly prohibited, unless a part of the campaign financial disclosure.
  • Campaigning on Blackboard or use of myBama email accounts to send unsolicited bulk mail messages is prohibited.
  • The University of Alabama computer network, equipment and resources are owned by the University and are provided primarily to support the academic and administrative functions of the University. The use of these computer resources is governed by federal and state law and University policies.

Campaign Materials

Candidates will have a campaign expense limit of $500 for campaign materials and marketing support. This budget may include in-kind sponsorship, meaning a donation of items, goods or services. The in-kind donation would have to be from a business or registered student organization and they would have to show proof of monetary value of the item given. Here are a few additional details regarding campaign materials:

  • Campaign materials for the purposes of the Homecoming Queen Election shall be defined as any paraphernalia bearing the name, logo, mark or likeness of a candidate, including but not limited to flyers, literature, pamphlets, buttons, clothing, table tents advertisements and electronic communication.
  • Marketing support is defined as any fee or support associated with the creation of marketing materials that is not already included in the price of the item (video production, graphic design, etc.).
  • No UA emblems, logos or trademarked materials can be used on campaign materials. Students may be featured in photos that include trademarked materials such as a T-shirt with “Bama” on it.


Only UA students eligible to vote in the UA Homecoming Queen election or groups meeting the UA designation of SOURCE registered orgs or those comprised exclusively of UA students eligible to vote may, with prior approval of the candidate, publicly endorse a candidate. Candidates may be contacted by any University of Alabama registered organization for the purposes of speaking at meetings to seek endorsements.

Any public endorsement must include the disclaimer statement below: (Organization name) endorses (candidate name) for (insert position). Our members’ votes are their own and they have the right to choose whether to vote and whom to vote for. We encourage all voters to research any and all candidates and to decide for themselves.

Endorsement from groups, organizations, or individuals outside the campus and its population is strictly prohibited. Members of the faculty and staff are discouraged from engaging in campaigning on behalf of students or making statements in support of selected candidates in the classroom or through campus activities/programs.

Campaign Finances

A candidate’s total expenditures shall include all goods and services purchased by or donated (including monetary or in-kind contributions) to a candidate or campaign for use in the election or used in any that furthers that candidate’s campaign. Candidates must provide all receipts and estimates, in addition to all contact information for all services provided. A candidate is allowed to accept a discount for materials and/or services. If the discount is not available to the general public, it must be recorded at its undiscounted value.

An in-kind contribution shall be regarded as anything contributed to a candidate other than money, excluding campaign volunteers. In-kind contributions for the use of campaign fundraising or printing of campaign paraphernalia must be reported and will count toward the maximum expenditure a candidate may spend. Receipts for these contributions must be submitted with expenditure reports.

The fair market value of a donated item or in-kind contribution shall be the value recorded on the final expenditure report. Fair market value is determined by the candidate securing two price estimates of the exact item to be used on the campaign, the average of which is to be included on the expenditure report. Both estimates must contain the name, address and phone number of the entities furnishing the estimate.

Barring a reasonable doubt, the Elections Review & Dispute Panel will recognize the retail value paid for a good or service at its fair market value. The Elections & Dispute Panel reserves the right to reassign value to a good or service in response to a complaint that the good or service is not reported at its fair market value. In this instance, two values that are different from the previous would be used and the average provided.

A Financial Reporting Form will be provided for candidates to submit documentation.

Campaign Ethics

Candidates are expected to conduct themselves in an ethically appropriate manner in accordance with Capstone Creed and the Code of Student Conduct. A violation of the guidelines governing Homecoming Queen selections and election may also be a violation of the Code of Student Conduct or other University policy.

  • A candidate or volunteer may under no circumstances intentionally interfere with the campaign of another candidate in any way.
  • Tampering or interfering with campus elections or an individual’s right to vote such as asking or requiring someone to provide evidence of voting, coercing or using valuable incentives to induce an individual to vote or taking detrimental actions against an individual who refuses to vote for a particular candidate is strongly prohibited.
  • Sanctions for violations can be imposed on candidates, students and/or registered student organizations at the discretion of the Elections Review & Disputes Panel.


Below you will find links to submissions related to the Elections Process.  You can also use the links below to submit financial documentation or to report an inquiry or violation.

Documents & Financial Submissions Elections Complaints/Violations Form