Picture of Myles Taylor

Myles Taylor

Executive Director

Picture of Dare Adams

Dare Adams

Assistant Director of Communications

Picture of Carolyn Elliott

Carolyn Elliott

Assistant Director of Operations

Picture of Jade Gooden

Jade Gooden

Director of Finance and Administration

Picture of Mary Cate Seskey

Mary Cate Seskey

Assistant Director of Special Events

Picture of Briana Jackson

Briana Jackson

Assistant Director of Parade Events

Picture of Anthony Bellman

Anthony Bellman

Assistant Director of Athletics

Picture of Lauren Iannuzzi

Lauren Iannuzzi

Director of Communications

Picture of Jordan Hale

Jordan Hale

Director of Halftime and Reception


Picture of Emma Grace Trammell

Emma Grace Trammell

Director of Development

Picture of Clara Gibbs

Clara Gibbs

Director of Operations

Picture of Jacob Dunaway

Jacob Dunaway

Director of Special Events


Picture of Katie Allen

Katie Allen

Director of Parade Events


Picture of Riley Adam

Riley Adam

Director of Community Service

Picture of Hannah Shedd

Hannah Shedd

Director of Athletic Events

Picture of Yechiel Peterson

Yechiel Peterson

Director of Step Show

Picture of Bridget O’Brien

Bridget O’Brien

Director of Choreography

Picture of Mary Kate Grossman

Mary Kate Grossman

Director of Lawn Decorations

Picture of Andrea Kugler

Andrea Kugler

Director of Outreach

Picture of Izzy Michaud

Izzy Michaud

Director of Roll Tide Run


Picture of Colby Lewis

Colby Lewis

Director of Rules and Regulations

Picture of Caleb Thome

Caleb Thome

Director of Pep Rally and Bonfire

Picture of Maddie Blahnik

Maddie Blahnik

Director of Paint the Town Red

Picture of Dr. Rosalind Moore-Miller

Dr. Rosalind Moore-Miller