The UA Homecoming Board shall be a student-run group responsible for planning, promoting and execution of campus-wide activities and events, as well as student-targeted programming annually held as a part of The University of Alabama Homecoming experience. The Student Board shall also oversee rules and regulations of The Official Red Book- rules and regulations of UA Homecoming Competition activities for students. The UA Student Homecoming Board is advised by Dr. Rosalind Moore-Miller, the Assistant Vice President for Student Engagement and Chair of the UA Homecoming Steering & Advisory Committee.


The membership of the UA Homecoming Board shall annually consist of one student Executive Director and 20-25 Student Director/Assistant Director roles who are selected through an open application process and interview committee made up of select members of the UA Homecoming Steering & Advisory Committee. An additional 100+ students shall make up the committee membership and have an opportunity to apply and be drafted in a specific committee area. All committee applicants will be placed on at least one committee.


Students who are eligible to apply must meet the following criterion:

  • Have a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Be an enrolled undergraduate or graduate student at The University of Alabama
  • Be enrolled for the previous Spring and the Fall semester in which Homecoming for that year would occur
  • Students interested should have strong organizational skills, teamwork abilities, and fresh ideas to make UA Homecoming a memorable experience for both current, future, and past students alike

The application deadline for 2024 has passed. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest. Applications for the 2025 Student Homecoming Board will open sometime in the 2024-2025 school year.

Leadership Positions

Modifications and changes to available positions from year-to-year are to be determined by the advisor for the UA Homecoming Board and/or chair of the Steering/Advisory Committee in consultation with the UA Homecoming Steering & Advisory Committee.

The Director/Assistant Director positions are annually available for the following areas, but not limited to:

  • Communications
  • Halftime & Reception
  • Development
  • Operations & Logistics Support
  • Pep Rally & Bonfire
  • Community Service
  • Athletic Events
  • Special Events
  • Step Show
  • Choreography & Dance Programs
  • Campus Outreach
  • Athletic Events
  • Marketing and PR
  • Lawn Decorations
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Finance
  • Lawn Games

Note: An additional director is appointed by the National Pan-Hellenic Council as Director of NPHC events and is included as an official member of the UA Homecoming Board. This position has primary oversight in the execution of the UA Homecoming Step Show and other events planned by the NPHC community.

Selections Timeline

The selections process for board positions each year can be found on the UA Homecoming website.

Board Members

All Executive Director and Director or Assistant Director level Board Members are selected as a part of an application and interview process.

  • Applications are annually available in January/February
  • Students must be available for annual retreat in March and meetings in April/May.

Committee Members

All Committee Members are selected as a part of an application and draft selections process.  The application has been extended and notifications will occur in September.

  • Applications are annually available in January/February
  • Students must be available for annual meeting in late March or early April and Planning Retreat in Fall prior to Homecoming.

2024 Selections Timeline

Selections for 2024 have been set. Details regarding the various steps are below:

Applications (Student Homecoming Board)

  • Wednesday, Jan. 10 – Applications for Committee, AD, Director, Exec DirectorSteering Committee Liaisons Opens
  • Friday, Jan. 26- Deadline to submit application via weblink for Executive Directors
  • Monday, Feb. 5- Deadline to submit application via weblink for Directors & Assistant Directors
  • Friday, March 1- Deadline to submit application via weblink for Committee Members


  • Jan. 30th – Interviews Exec Director
  • Feb. Feb. 9th & 12th, 13th-  Interviews for Directors and Assistant Directors
  • Friday, Feb. 16 – Announcement of Directors & Assistant Directors

Applications (Steering Committee Student Liaisons)

  • TBD- Applications for Steering Committee Student Liaison Members Opens
  • TBD- Deadline for Steering Committee Student Liaison Applications
  • TBD- Interviews (as needed)

Planning Season & Date Obligations

  • Saturday, March 2nd- HOCO Student Board Retreat
  • Week of March 18th- Director & Assistant Director Headshot Photos Taken
  • April – Weekly Board Planning Meetings & Steering & Advisory Committee Meetings
  • May – Joint Board & Advisory Committee Meet & Greet
  • June-July – Administrative Planning for Student Board
  • August-October – Ongoing Meetings of Board & Steering & Advisory Committee
  • TBD- Week of Homecoming with various time obligations
  • Sunday, Sept 8th- Big Homecoming Meeting  (includes committee participation)

Terms of Service

The term of service for each position is roughly a 10-month appointment. A board member should expect to serve from the spring prior through at least the end of the fall semester during which their Homecoming term took place (i.e. February 2024 – December 2024).

To Whom the Board Reports

AVP for Student Engagement


Kayla Ballard, Assistant Director of University Programs

Standard Meeting Time

A schedule of meetings will be determined by the advisor and Executive Director of Homecoming and will be distributed to the board. However, the board can expect to meet on a bi-weekly basis leading up to fall and weekly during the fall semester through the months of February-October (or depending on which month UA Homecoming falls) for the purpose of execution and implementation of planning, marketing and execution strategies for the fall Homecoming activities. Additional meetings may be scheduled to ensure that final plans for Homecoming are progressing at a reasonable pace to the established timeline for that specific year. Meetings to ensure the implementation of established Homecoming plans and to ensure awareness are to be held via a Logistics Meeting & Campus Partner Meeting coordinated by UA Alumni Affairs about a month out from festivities. The Board should have representation at this meeting. Subsequent meetings should be set to adequately monitor the preparations for the planned activities and provide the necessary feedback on coordination for a successful Homecoming. A follow-up meeting should be held shortly after Homecoming to assess the success of activities. The intent shall be to identify both successes and problems with the view toward improving future programs.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are kept by a Board Member designated by the AVP for Student Engagement